Since 2008, an event to provide the most recent scientific advances on echocardiography was held annually. The event was known as The Indonesian Echocardiography Conference (INAecho) and provided by the Indonesian Society of Echocardiography. This nationwide event regularly joined by cardiologists, internists, intensivists, general practitioners, cardiovascular technicians, and many more.

Echocardiography is one of the essential tool in cardiology. It allows clinicians to have a better chance of evaluating and diagnosing many cardiovascular related problems. This diagnostic tool helps clinicians to achieve better patients care thus improving patients survival rate and quality of life. We recognize that echocardiography is needed to be understood from basic to the advance way. The committee, as always, is committed to bring the audiences a better seminar every year. In order to do so, we will provide the audiences with special seminars and daily lectures on clinical practice topics.

This 2022 INAecho, will be held as a hybrid event in respect of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide recent situation. INAecho will have not only virtual sessions but also in-person workshop sessions following the COVID-19 health protocol guidelines. We will make sure that this year’s event will give you many amazing topics and hopefully greatly improve the participant’s skills to bring a better care for patients.

The 11th Indonesian Conference on Echocardiography (INAecho) aims to provide cardiologists, trainees, intensivists, general practitioners, cardiovascular technicians and other professionals with basic and up-to-date knowledge in echocardiography.


The 11th INAecho 2022 in conjunction with The 2nd InTension


Virtual Meeting


Friday - Sunday, 7 - 9 October 2022


Heart House (Indonesian Heart Association Office) Jl. Katalia Raya No. 5 , Tomang - West Jakarta 11430 - Indonesia Phone: +62-81388097127 (Meri)

Contact Person

Meriana Virtin, MD (+62-81388097127)



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Organizing Commitee

Advisory Board

Arieska Ann Soenarta, MD, FIHA

Eko Antono, MD, FIHA


Luh Oliva Saraswati Suastika, MD, FIHA


Ni Made Ayu Wulan Sari, MD, FIHA


Rossana Barack, MD, FIHA

Scientific Team
  • Mefri Yanni, MD, FIHA
  • Amiliana M Soesanto, MD, Ph.D, FIHA
  • Agus Subagjo, MD, FIHA
  • Melawati Hasan, MD, FIHA
  • Siti Elkana Nauli, MD, FIHA
  • Lucia Kris Dinarti, MD, FIHA
  • Hasanah Mumpuni, MD, FIHA
  • Rina Ariani, MD, FIHA
  • Tengku Winda Ardini, MD, FIHA
  • IB Rangga Wibhuti, MD, FIHA
  • Nathania Marliani, MD, FIHA
Scientific Poster
  • Sany R Siswardhana, MD, FIHA
  • M Rizki Akbar, MD, FIHA
  • Renan Sukmawan ST, MD, MARS, PhD, FIHA
Publication and Promotion
  • Aussie Ghaznawie, MD, FIHA
  • Dyna Evalina, MD, FIHA
  • Novita, MD, FIHA
  • Niniek Purwaningtyas, MD, FIHA
  • Andre Ketaren, MD, FIHA
  • Susi Herminingsih, MD, FIHA
  • Erwan Martanto, MD, FIHA
  • BRM Ario Soeryo Kuncoro, MD, FIHA, FAsCC
  • Nizam Akbar, MD, FIHA
  • Agnes Lucia Panda, MD, FIHA
Event & Infrastructure
  • Ni Made Ayu Wulan Sari, MD, FIHA
  • Meriana Virtin, MD
  • Aussie Ghaznawie, MD, FIHA
  • Estu Rudiktyo, MD, FIHA
IT & Documentation
  • IB Rangga Wibhuti, MD, FIHA
  • Estu Rudiktyo, MD, FIHA
  • Kristianto Adi Yusiputra

International Faculty

    (in alphabetical order)

Local Faculty

    (in alphabetical order)


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